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January 02, 2008 - Saint John gets its swagger back - With an LNG terminal, pipeline, nuclear power and possibly another refinery, the city is on a roll.
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November 16, 2007 - Customers tour Facility in Saint John - Major FPC customer, tours the state of the art FPC manufacturing plant in Saint John, New Brunswick.
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Welcome to FPCCNG.com
The Floating Pipeline Company Incorporated (FPC) offers a safe, economic and practical solution to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) transportation.
FPC has a well-established manufacturing facility, to produce three separate and fully integrated Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) transport and storage systems for marine and land applications. FPC’s 120,000 sq ft CRPV manufacturing facility, in the deepwater Port of Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada is ideally suited to manufacture and then integrate the systems in Ships, Barges, Rail Cars or ISO containers.
Together with Neptune Gas Technologies Ltd, FPC offers three gas containment systems: the FPC 'Integrated CNG system (ICNG)' for Road and Rail applications, the 'Neptune Compressed Natural Gas system' for Marine applications, and the 'Neptune Integrated CNG storage’ for land based storage of natural gas . All three systems consist of lightweight composite reinforced pressure vessels known as Composite Reinforced Pressure Vessel™ (CRPVs) integrated within a supportive and protective structure and include the piping, manifolding and valving system designed specifically for the application. These Integrated systems are the key to providing flexible CNG transportation solutions on land or sea.
Headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, FPC can provide a fully engineered solution for your CNG transportation needs. Our integrated CNG system will enable customers worldwide to move large volumes of gas by ship, barge, rail and road – safely and economically.
Composite Reinforced Pressure Vessels™ (CRPVs) are manufactured by FPC Inc. under license from NCF Industries Inc. (US and foreign patents issued and pending), through Neptune Gas Technologies Ltd.
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